Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Check out my new camera, Y'alls!

I've been using a little Sony Cybershot for about 4 years. For Christmas 2012, I asked Amazon gift cards so I could upgrade and I intended to purchase a DSLR.

But, you know, LIFE.

Nov- New furnace
Dec- New car; invested in camping equipment
Jan- New wrist for husband- broke it in a rollerblading mishap
Feb- Little guy got the flu and exhausted all my days- pay cut

Seeing the dollar signs fade away? Me, too. Our roof is also 25 years old. I figured I should re-evaluate.

I got PSE for Christmas 2011 and have not learned to use it properly. It's still on my to-do list. Also, the folks I know that do have a DSLR seem WAY more interested in photography and learning the machine than I am. I knew I wanted to: take great pictures from a distance, shoot short videos, do a few tricks. I looked around on Amazon, did a little research, and decided that a fancier PS would be great for me.

I chose this 

Canon PowerShot SX500 IS

I received it yesterday and you better believe I was playing with it at midnight after the battery charged.

Yesterday, I took this photo near a well lit window with my Sony Cybershot. Even with editing in iPhoto, there's still too much blue and it's not crispy clear. I always have to be careful about when I take my photos during the day. 

I finally decided to try again and took this in direct sunlight. I tried indirect sunlight and it was just awful. This is washed out but it's crispy clear so I went ahead and posted it on my blog and for a challenge.

I took this photo with my new Canon! At 11 am, it would be too early in the day for the Sony. This is crispy with true colors! I shot this photo by my usual well lit window.

The Canon is a keeper.

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