Thursday, January 16, 2014

Get Organized!- Ribbon *Memorable Seasons*

Come join us at Memorable Seasons for a month of Get Organized! We'll be sharing organization ideas and issuing challenges to help you tackle your stash.

I keep my ribbon stashed away. I scrap in a tight space so I can't have it on display. It is all on the bottom shelf here.

I keep the oversized rolls in this one container.

Small rolls and tape are sorted here.

The double decker!

The top deck has all the rolls organized by color.

Loose pieces and cards are in the bottom deck.

When a space is emptied on a card, I refill it with a loose piece of coordinating color.

Loose pieces are organized by color in plastic bags.

This month, I'm designing with Smarty Pants by Simple Stories for Memorable Seasons.

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