Saturday, December 4, 2010

Frappuccino Gift Set Tutorial

Make this fun gift today!

I saw these in the gallery earlier this year and absolutely could not wait to make some as gifts for Christmas! I found inspiration here and here.

Some basic supplies to get you going: mod podge, craft knife, swivel knife (not pictured here), foam brush, file, fine tip scissors, cutting mat, splat mat, 1 or 2 pieces of cardstock (not pictured but 1 12x12 will cover your entire carrier) and a frappuccino carrier.

Pour a blob of mod podge on the splat mat and use the foam brush to cover one of the odd shaped sides.

Line the box at a 90 degree corner of the cardstock.

Use a craft knife to cut a straight line along the box. I tend to use a light hand to create a "track" and then go back with a heavier hand to cut through the paper.

I use a swivel knife for this hard to reach angle.

The edges are messy here so I cleaned them up with a file.

That's better. Now, glue the opposite. The front and back of the carrier is much easier. Mod podge, line up on the paper, and cut straight lines either with a knife or scissors whichever you find more comfortable. I tend to use both.

To help my cuts look even cleaner, I inked the edges with brown.

A MISTAKE! An opportunity for embellishment!

I chose a thin trim and applied a very thin line of glossy accents. Attach trim as straight as possible.

I did one side at a time, going all the way around.

I decided to attach a bow where the two ends meet. I love using my magnetic mat to make bows. I just use a magnetic to hold my ribbon in place. The finger I always wished I had!

Then, you can just remove the magnet and adjust the size of the bow. I attached the bow with a drop of glossy accents.

Here is some black and white Stephanie brand bling. Visit her blog and visit her etsy shop. Cut the bling as close to the design as possible. I use Scotch quick dry to attach.

A Stephanie brand flower! I LOVE HER FLOWERS! AND HER BLING! AND HER!

A couple of shots of the front of the box.

More of my completed frappuccino gifts. That blue and white flower and the bling is Stephanie brand!


Stephanie said...

Oh Alissa...I love you too!!! You are wonderful...thanks for the shout out!!! I love your frappuccino did a great job making both of them!! They are excellent gifts too!! Thanks for the tutorial! If I can find something like this, I will have to make some too!

Micupoftea said...

Wow, clever and creative, Alissa! Nice tutorial too~ Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Holly Young said...

Well, weren't you sweet to link my frap set in your blog. Yours came out beautifully, and what a great tutorial!!!