Sunday, December 12, 2010

Color with Pencils

I must be feeling frisky today! Two posts in one day!

I was actually counting down to bedtime when I pulled out this very frustrating Inkadinkado stamp. I have worked with it before but felt the results were mediocre. It was these two cards that I started to realize my coloring/shading isn't aggressive enough.

I ended up with this tonight and then thought I should demonstrate the progress.

To do the fountain, I chose three shades of green.

I laid down the lightest shade. You can probably barely see it here. TIP: I recently discovered that it is better to color in a circular motion. I've noticed a much smoother texture with my pencils when I started to doing this.

Here, I added my middle shade using the shading in the image as a guide.

Added my darkest shade of green and just kept playing with it a little here and there until I liked it. This picture is rather washed out or overexposed or something. The next pictures are better.

Colored the birds and water. I will probably add a little stickles for sparkle later.

I feel better about this stamp and it is officially rescued from the sale pile.

Another recent example with colored pencils. I like the way this turned out but I do plan to do it again with even more shading and experimenting with color.


Stephanie said...

Alissa...your more aggresive shading on that stamp really made it gorgeous!! I love it! Great job and thanks for the tips and tutorial!

Micupoftea said...

Glad the stamp got a 'pardon'! LOL~ Your coloring and shading look great.

Jill Sarginson said...

Thanks for posting Alissa!! I definitely want to try this - hoping for some coloured pencils under the tree! :)