Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

I just put in two long days working a scrapbooking convention (a totally good time!). I really missed my baby so we squeezed in a little walk together last night. As we were circling the block, we talked about how to celebrate Father's Day. Chance suggested lights and streamers. And cake. He was full of good ideas! So, we got up early this morning and put our heads together 
and decorated the kitchen in Daddy's honor. 
We were quite a team!

I used Plantin Schoolbook to cut the yellow scallops and red letters on the banner.

Chance always wants to help with my cards.

I love the steaming cup of coffee!

Man of the Day

Chocolate cake has been requested. We'll do that tonight.

I love my husband, but what is it with men and their hole-y t-shirts? We're not homeless...

And my own Daddy

I love you, Daddy!
Happy Father's Day! xoxo

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PaperCutsForU said...

Love it!! Dad's photo is "off" for some reason :(